Root Canals in Mesa, AZ

Root Canals in Mesa, AZ

A root canal is nothing more than another name for a dental treatment to save a tooth that is infected. Dr. Buhrley will perform your procedure by first getting rid of the infected tissue that is in the inner canal of your tooth, then refilling what was taken out and sealing the tooth over. The root canal therapy will prevent an infection in your tooth and can avoid any future infections. Most patients will get immediate relief from their tooth pain as soon as the root canal is complete and can go on with their regular daily activities.

Here at Bella Via Dental, we will provide the best dental care in Eastmark in East Mesa, Arizona. The nerves and blood vessels inside your tooth are of importance, as your tooth can still function fine with these parts taken out. A root canal is a defense you use instead of a tooth extraction that will leave a space after it is removed.

By having a root canal, it will remove the dead pulp so it can:

  • Get rid of the infection due to a diseased or dead flesh that is causing pain, tooth loss or health problems.
  • It will prevent any future infections. If it is not removed entirely, the infection will stay there and can spread.
  • In the past, with a tooth in this shape, it was extracted most of the time. By performing root canals, you can save your tooth. If your tooth has significant damage from an accident or disease, it can still be saved by a root canal, and even last all your life.

Sometimes when you need a root canal, you will not feel pain, and you are not having any symptoms your dentist will probably tell you of your need for a root canal. But, in most of the cases, the patient will notice pain or have an infection around that tooth, that will cause the dentist to realize the patient needs root canal treatment near you.

When you have a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, or severe tooth decay, with repeat or worn dental work it can lead to weakened dentin and enamel allowing tooth pulp to be exposed to bacteria that will cause infection. If an infection ensues, it will usually cause some pain or other warning signs.

Tooth pulp is the inside living layer of your tooth that is made up of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels, that span through the middle of the roots of each tooth. The tooth pulp works in three ways: it houses the sensory functions going through the network of nerves that tells you if something is cold or hot; forms dentin that is the hard second layer of your tooth; and provides the nourishment to each tooth through the blood vessels. The pulp does supply a growing tooth with nutrients it needs, while a fully developed tooth could survive with no pulp because it is nourished by its surrounding tissues.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root canals are common treatments, and having this procedure is very similar to getting a cavity filled.

While you have a root canal, Dr. Buhrley in Mesa, Arizona will remove all the diseased pulp in the tooth, and then he will clean the entire area. It is the longest part of the entire process because Dr. Buhrley will need to make sure and clean all the infection out to make sure no bacteria is remaining. The area where the pulp once was is then filled with a biocompatible that is non-reactive called gutta-percha and topped off with a filling that is temporary. In a few weeks, the dentist will take that filling out, checking everywhere for infection and then place a permanent crown.

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Many patients are scared that having a root canal will hurt, but most of our patients will tell you that they felt little to no pain. A recent survey revealed that patients who went through the root canal process were more likely to call it “painless” than patients who had never had the procedure. Here at Bella Via Dental, our root canal dentist near you provides the best dental care in Eastmark in East Mesa and want to be your Dental Provider. Drop by and visit us today. We look forward to meeting both you and your family!

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