Why Do I Need To Floss Every Day?

Why Do I Need To Floss Every Day?

Jul 08, 2019

Flossing is as important as brushing. Brushing can’t remove food particles and plaque that is stuck between the teeth. It is here that flossing helps. It removes plaque and food particles, thereby preventing chances of decay and infection explains the dentist near Mesa, AZ. You should immediately floss your teeth after brushing.

Flossing even once a day is enough and it’s important to learn the right technique of flossing for best results. You can find a dental floss in any drug store. Sadly, many people don’t take flossing seriously and are content with just brushing. Let’s explore why dentists recommend flossing every day.

Your Teeth Have More Than a Front and a Back

Your toothbrush can easily reach the front and back of your teeth, but your teeth have sides as well. It is difficult for the brush to reach the sides of the teeth. The sides are tight, abutting against each other. Even the thinnest bristles can’t reach there and only something as thin as floss can get through those side areas for removing the particles, which are left behind.

Gum Disease Affects Your Overall Health

Flossing helps in getting rid of the plaque that gets accumulated not only on the tooth, but also on the gum line. If the plaque is not removed for a long duration, it converts into tartar. The tartar and bacteria lead to swollen, red, inflamed, and bleeding gums. Gum disease is not just detrimental to your oral health, but your overall health is also at risk because of gum disease. If left untreated, it can lead to cardiac issues, kidney problems, dementia, and preterm birth.

Tartar Hardens Quickly

When plaque is soft, it is easy to remove. You can floss through the teeth and remove them. However, if the plaque is not removed, it converts into tartar, which hardens quickly. The tartar needs to be removed by a dental hygienist as you won’t be able to remove it at home. The dental hygienist can help in suggesting the right way of flossing so that you don’t end up hurting your gums.

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