Why Are Dental Implants Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Why Are Dental Implants Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Jan 08, 2020

It is becoming increasingly common among people to overlook oral hygiene which in most cases causes damages. Unfortunately, people don’t realize the damage created until it is too late. Thankfully dentistry has been evolving and has made dental implants a maintainable solution for missing teeth.

The procedure for dental implants is pretty straightforward and is accomplished by inserting a small titanium root where the tooth root existed. Surgery is needed to accomplish the procedure and the dentist performing the surgery can use the implant as an anchor to attach false teeth or even a set of denture implants. It is usually performed on teeth that need to be extracted and cannot be salvaged.

What Is the Reason behind the Popularity of Dental Implants?

Dental implants perform as a permanent replacement for the tooth root on which artificial teeth or a set of teeth can be attached. People undergoing the procedure can have a single tooth or the entire set of teeth in their mouths replaced by an implant restoration. After the restoration has healed and the attachments placed people can continue with their lives as they had never lost their natural teeth. Most importantly, they have the look and feel of your natural teeth and do not come with any risks.

People can maintain their oral hygiene habits as they did earlier without any restrictions placed on them. They are also able to speak, eat, and carry on with life as though they never underwent the procedure for the implants. They will be able to display a full set of permanent false teeth that will remain with them for a long time. All this at a cost-effective price because of the longevity of a solution that does not require replacements regularly.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Dental Implants?

People who have lost one or more teeth in their mouths or have a severely damaged tooth will find a dental implant the best solution available for them. However, before they consider dental implants they must undergo an evaluation with their dentist to ensure they are in good general health and are not suffering from any other problems that can mar the recovery process which can be as long as six months.

Getting dental implants requires a long-term commitment from the patient because they are attempting to get replacement teeth that are not removable. People are making an investment in replacement teeth that will remain with them for 15 years or more if cared for properly.

Why Other Solutions are considered unsuitable?

Other solutions are associated with the risks of bone loss and infections or restrictions placed on the way the patient should be maintaining them. In some cases, like with dentures, people are uncomfortable with the fear that the placements could slip out when talking or eating. They also need regular adjustments and refitting from the dentist resulting in additional costs. This does not indicate that dentures are unsuitable but is just a statement to let patients know they will not be concerned about any of these issues if they choose to have dental implants in their mouths. In any case, dentures need to be replaced every 5 to 6 years which means patients will be spending additional funds for the replacements which can be substantial. When compared to the cost of dental implants they could prove to be more expensive besides burdening people with the risks involved in having them.

How Can Patient Decide Whether Dental Implants Are Suitable for Them or Not?

The best way for patients to determine whether they are suitable or unsuitable for dental implants is to discuss the matter with their dentist who will be the professional that can provide the right answer. Patients that are unsure about their needs will benefit from the discussion and be able to arrive at an informed decision. However, as mentioned earlier there must be prepared to make a long-term commitment because the procedure is lengthy and will need the patient to make several visits to the dentist’s office until the implant has healed properly and is ready for the replacement teeth to be placed.

If the patient has an inadequate bone in the mouth he or she will be required also to undergo a bone implant which can delay the time needed for the recovery. It is recommended that patients spare time for the consultation with their dentist before deciding on having dental implants by not making a decision until it has been recommended to them. They must also ensure they undergo the surgery for the dental implant from an experienced dentist to get the best results.

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