What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

Jun 01, 2023

If you are considering dental implants to replace your lost teeth, the overbearing question in your mind would be what you can eat soon after your surgery after dental implant placement. At the same time, dentists advise you to exercise caution when having many foods; you are not required to remain hungry or starve after surgery.

The dentist will suggest restrictions on having some foods immediately after getting dental implants to ensure you don’t irritate the surgical site to cause infections that may delay your recovery. However, the dentist provides a list of nourishing foods you can consider having on the day of your dental implant placement procedure.

This article focuses on the foods you can eat after getting dental implants embedded in your jawbone. Kindly continue reading if you are considering replacing your first adult missing teeth with dental implants.

The Optimal Foods to Have After Implant Placement Surgery

After having a metal titanium post inserted into your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth root to hold your fake tooth in place after recovery, it helps if you decide to have soft foods that don’t require considerable chewing. On the day of your surgery, you must exercise caution to have very soft foods like yogurt, ice cream, pudding, mashed potatoes at room temperature, creamy soups, broths, et cetera. Soft and liquid foods do not require chewing but are nourishing to keep you healthy after surgery.

You don’t have to live on the foods mentioned throughout your recovery because you must healthily sustain yourself by including other foods that require mild chewing, like pasta, macaroni and cheese, pancakes, rice, soft bread, cooked vegetables, eggs, and pasta.

You must wait at least 12 days before adding slightly tough and chewy foods to your diet and using foods like meats and fibrous vegetables. However, it depends on how quickly you heal from the surgery and requires you to chew from the other side of the mouth by avoiding the surgical site.

Drinks after Dental Implant Surgery

Your body needs drinks to keep itself hydrated. The requirement makes you consider having your favorite soft drinks, coffee, beer, alcohol, et cetera. Unfortunately, water is considered the best drink to hydrate your body, and other beverages like sports drinks, beer, hot coffee, alcohol, and carbonated drinks harm your recovery. They are best avoided until the dentist near you considers it fit for you to go ahead with the drinks.

In addition, you must also avoid using mouthwash to rinse your mouth because most brands contain alcohol harmful to your recovery and dental implants.

How Long Must You Follow the Restrictions?

After undergoing dental implant surgery in Seattle by making an upfront investment in your smile, it helps if you understand that titanium implants require at least three to six months to integrate with your body and become your artificial tooth root. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure restrictions forever because they only apply for a couple of weeks until the implants in your jawbone stabilize and start osseointegrating with your body.

The Seattle dentist provides you with a comprehensive list of the food & drink after dental implant surgery, which you must follow to the letter T because they help you recover quickly to receive your artificial tooth as soon as possible. In addition, dentists specifically emphasize the following.

  • Avoid Skipping Meals: during the initial days after implant surgery, the pain and discomfort might discourage you from eating or make you feel nauseous to avoid having food. However, proper nutrition is essential to keep your body strong and healthy. Therefore you must eat consistently and get sufficient food daily.
  • Hydrating Yourself: Keep yourself hydrated throughout your healing by drinking plenty of fresh water because it helps keep your body healthy and aids you during your recovery.
  • Avoid Exercising: Exercising soon after dental implant placement can cause excessive bleeding from the surgical site or even dislodge the sutures. Therefore you must avoid visits to the gym, strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects, et cetera.
  • Caring for Your Mouth: 24 Hours after dental implant placement, you can rinse your mouth using salt water as often as you like after every meal. You can also brush your teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush but avoid the surgical site to prevent dislodging the dental implant.
  • Avoid Tobacco Products and Smoking: Tobacco products of all types, including smoking, are harmful to your gums and result in periodontal disease. In addition, tobacco also results in implant failure. Therefore after getting dental implants, it is an excellent idea to quit using tobacco products or smoking forever to safeguard the placements and your artificial teeth.

Dental implants best replace missing teeth because they resemble, feel, and function like natural teeth. If you need missing teeth replacements and consider this option, Bella Via Dental in Seattle is the practice you should consult to plan your treatment. Besides giving you as many dental implants as you desire, the dentists also enlighten you on the foods and drinks you can have or must avoid after the surgical process.

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