The Extensive Range of Treatments from Cosmetic Dentistry Mesa Will Overwhelm You

The Extensive Range of Treatments from Cosmetic Dentistry Mesa Will Overwhelm You

Apr 01, 2021

Do you have flaws with your teeth that need corrections because they disallow you from smiling perfectly? You may think the dentist near me can correct the imperfections with your teeth without realizing not every dentist offers an entire range of treatments like cosmetic dentistry in Mesa.

You can visit the dentist in Mesa, AZ, for any treatment, whether you have stained, broken, chipped, misaligned, or missing teeth. The procedures offered by the dentist can all help to improve your smile. The Mesa, AZ dentist works with you to create a personalized treatment plan and suggest different dental procedures either singly or as a combination to help achieve your goal. When you visit this cosmetic dentist, rest assured you don’t have to search for another cosmetic dentistry clinic because the extensive range offered by the dentist will likely overwhelm you.

Want to know what treatments are provided by the dentist? Please continue reading this blog for more information.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple and affordable method of improving your smile by whitening your teeth. Your teeth are bleached using hydrogen or carbamide peroxide by the dentist in the office in a treatment lasting approximately 60 minutes. You can also have at-home trays created by the dentist who provides whitening gel to fill in the tray and wear the same over your teeth for 30 minutes to one hour every day. Teeth whitening is a popular treatment to remove staining on your teeth from foods and beverages you have, medicines you had earlier, aging, or infections and injuries. You can also find teeth whitening remedies from drugstores but will help yourself by understanding the medications are unreliable and unlikely to deliver the results you desire. Teeth whitening is best performed by a qualified dentist providing excellent results.

Dental Bonding

The tooth bonding procedure helps improve the appearance of your chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. Dental bonding is entirely painless and is accomplished by the dentist in a single visit without the need for anesthesia unless you want to have cavities filled. Dental bonding is also an excellent alternative if you have silver amalgam fillings that you want them replaced. The bonding procedure requires 30 to 60 minutes per tooth without any downtime allowing you to proceed with your routine after getting your teeth bonded.

Dental Crowns

Do you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth in your mouth? The Mesa dentist provides dental crowns or tooth caps to encase the affected tooth above the gum line entirely. Dental crowns can restore the size, strength, shape, and appearance of the tooth to make your teeth appear better. Porcelain is used to make dental crowns resembling the color of your natural teeth. Crowns are beneficial to encase a tooth if it’s discolored or misshapen cosmetically. Whether you have a dental crown for medical or aesthetic reasons, rest assured it helps to enhance your teeth’ appearance.

Missing Teeth in Your Mouth: Not a Problem at All

Suppose you have missing teeth from decay or injuries and visit the Mesa dentist for a solution; you are offered different options. You can have dental bridges if you want to replace a couple of teeth or dental implants for replacing an entire arch of teeth. The procedures offered by the dentist help to close the gaps between your teeth, allowing you to smile perfectly without hesitation. Getting missing teeth replacements also ensures you don’t confront the consequences of experiencing tooth loss. The teeth replacement solutions will enable you to continue eating and speaking without challenges and enjoying the foods you love to nourish yourself appropriately. You can decide which option you want to have after discussing with the dentist because both replacement options have are priced differently and have specific requirements before having them in your mouth.

Dental Veneers

Would you like to have the Hollywood smile and flash your pearly whites? If so, you must prepare yourself for some expenditure and have thin surfaces of tooth-colored porcelain applied over your front teeth. The thin shells are bonded to your teeth after preparing them by removing half a millimeter of enamel. Dental veneers can genuinely give you the Hollywood smile you desire while also helping you to conceal chipped, broken, or discolored teeth for over a decade.

Researching online about cosmetic dentistry will not help you determine which treatment is best for your needs. The better option is to visit cosmetic dentistry Mesa offering various therapies, often combining them to give you a brilliant smile making you proud to show it off.

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