How Family Dentists Promote Traditional Oral Care

How Family Dentists Promote Traditional Oral Care

Nov 01, 2020

Both you and your family’s oral hygiene is something that is important and should always be upheld at all costs.

Although some of us are doing all we can to have a healthy mouth, it sometimes becomes challenging to locate a family dental clinic that you can trust. Such situations might force you to keep moving from one dentist to another as you seek a place that offers quality services at affordable costs. This kind of move can yield regrettable results when you land in the hands of a quack practitioner as they are out there in large numbers.

Choosing the Right Family Dental Practitioner

Below are guidelines issued by Dr. David M. Buhrley DMD, a Mesa AZ dentist who works at Bella Via Dental, to help you choose the right dentist for your family.According to him, these are some of the factors you should put into consideration:

  1. The kind of services they provide

For your whole family to get the right dental care, you have to find a dental office that provides more than one or two services. Examples of such oral services are; Cavity treatment, tooth removals, gum disease treatment, kids’ dentistry, family dentistry, root canal therapy, cosmetic procedures, Invisalign®, and preventive dentistry. The advantage of having a dentist who provides multiple services is that it saves you the hassle of bouncing from one clinic to another to fulfill all your needs.

  1. Do they have reviews and testimonials that are positive?

The testimonies and reviews from current and former patients say a lot about a dentist, and from such data, you’ll be able to know how he/she handles the patients. This kind of information will enable you to gauge their expertise in customer service and medical practice. You can also ask some of your friends for a referral to their dentist. This is only if their dentist has maintained a successful record so far.

  1. Whether or not they’ll allow your insurance cover to cater for the expenses

If the dentist you want to book with isn’t connected to your insurance network, you should consider trying elsewhere because dental procedures tend to be significantly expensive. The best idea is to choose the one whose fee structure is reasonable and accepts your insurance cover.

  1. The personality and qualities of the dentist

Apart from being experienced and skilled, your dentist has to be someone whom you can trust and build a good rapport with. Experienced dental practitioners who have worked with young children and adults tend to understand patients’ diverse needs and respond compassionately and appropriately.

  1. Do they have up-to-date dental equipment?

Due to advancements in technology, various dental procedures can now be done, which were previously impossible to do. One such example is the rotary endodontics. This branch of dentistry involves techniques that try to save an infected tooth. Due to the complexity of such treatments, modern dental tools are needed for a successful procedure.

  1. Both the credentials and the education level of the practitioner

For one to become a dentist in America, you have to go to a recognized dental school where you will be required to pass both written and practical exams before you graduate. After meeting the state’s requirements, one is issued with a practice license that most dentists display on their office’s website. If none is posted on their internet platform, feel free to ask them by calling their offices or during a pre-visit.

Qualities of a Family Dentist

Some of the extraordinary qualities that you should look for in a dentist include:

  • Compassion and concern–Dental professionals should care and be concerned about their patients’ well-being during oral procedures.
  • Trustworthiness – Since dentists put sharp metallic objects inside your mouth, it’s of importance that you find one whom you trust will be extra careful. This will help keep you calm and relaxed during procedures.
  • Detail orientation–The practitioner that you select should be keen on details. Due to the oral cavity’s limited space, you need someone who can spot the small abnormalities that cause bite problems and affect your teeth’s health.

Examples of other qualities are:

  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Good doctor-patient interaction

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