How Do I Fix a Large Hole in My Tooth?

How Do I Fix a Large Hole in My Tooth?

Apr 07, 2023

Holes in teeth indicate they have incurred permanent damage from improper dental hygiene and neglected visits to dentists for exams and cleanings. If you notice a large hole in your tooth, the optimal option is to get the hole fixed by scheduling an appointment with dental offices near me as soon as possible.

Holes develop on the tooth’s surface from damage because of tooth decay. They are commonly known as cavities or dental caries and affect 90 percent of American adults and children. If the holes are not painful, you can care for your tooth by brushing and flossing my remaining careful with the affected tooth. If you experience pain in the cavity, you can receive relief from over-the-counter painkillers or numbing gels. However, if you find comfort in the measures, it doesn’t indicate your tooth has recovered because it doesn’t have any mechanism to heal itself. Therefore a dental visit is essential unless you are preparing for invasive and expensive treatments that become necessary if you leave the cavity untreated.

How Can I Fix My Tooth Hole at Home?

Dentists best fix tooth holes with fillings, root canals, tooth caps, or extractions. Trying to restore the tooth hole at home will aggravate your condition, making you lose a natural tooth and search for replacement solutions with bridges or implants. When you try to fix the tooth hole from home, do not think you will succeed because you won’t. The infection will continue expanding to affect your remaining teeth resulting in dental abscesses and other conditions that make extractions inevitable.

What Happens If You Have a Big Hole in Your Tooth?

If you have a big Hole in your tooth, rest assured you will experience severe pain and sensitivity when having hot and cold foods. In addition, you will confront the challenges of biting and chewing, making you wonder why you have this devastating condition in your tooth. You can have the cavity treated by the dentist near me, receiving timely treatment before the hole expands to reach the soft center of your tooth, containing the dental pulp, nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels.

Considering home remedies to fill big holes in your teeth will not prove beneficial because no techniques for filling cavities have yet to be discovered by the medical fraternity. While you can find relief from the discomfort using some remedies or saltwater rinses, these are temporary measures and will not address the problem.

If you already have a large hole in your tooth, it indicates that you experience severe tooth pain because you didn’t get a dental filling from the dentist nearby and must now seek treatment from the dentist in Mesa, AZ, to receive some fearsome treatments that besides causing discomfort also saddle you with considerable financial expenditure.

Treatment for Significant Holes in Your Tooth

A significant hole in your tooth indicates it has suffered permanent damage because of the lack of treatment. The severity of the infection determines what treatment you might receive for the cavity.

If the hole has damaged tooth structure without affecting your dental pulp, the Mesa dentist suggests grinding the tooth to restore it with a tooth cap or dental crown. You can have metal or porcelain dental crowns depending on which tooth is affected by the cavity. Dental crowns also require multiple appointments with the dentist because they are custom created to fit your mouth during the restoration.

Unfortunately, if the cavity has expanded to infect the dental pulp and your jawbone, the optimal option to preserve your tooth is to undergo the so-called fearsome root canal treatment to eradicate the infection and bacteria from within, including the tooth’s nerves. Unfortunately, root canals render your tooth fragile, making it inevitable for you to have a dental crown placed on the tooth to restore its strength, appearance, and functionality.

However, if the infection has spread to your jawbone, the optimal treatment is to remove the tooth and seek replacement options with solutions like implants, bridges, or dentures.

How to Avoid Holes in Teeth?

Preventing holes in teeth is not challenging because you merely need to maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth daily and getting six monthly dental exams and cleanings. In addition, it helps if you reduce your intake of sugary foods and drinks besides quitting smoking because tobacco results in many oral infections.

When you visit your dentist frequently for exams, they detect holes in your teeth early and ensure they don’t expand by recommending filling them immediately instead of allowing the decay to spread. Tooth decay is preventable and doesn’t need significant investment besides the care mentioned above. Unfortunately, if you enable holes to expand, you must prepare for intensive and painful remedies, as mentioned in this article.

Please do not ignore holes in teeth, whether minor or significant, because they represent permanent damage to your tooth. Instead, consult Bella Via Dental immediately to receive treatment that helps preserve your natural tooth or prepare for replacement teeth.

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