How Can We Get Relax in Pain After Oral Surgery?

How Can We Get Relax in Pain After Oral Surgery?

Dec 01, 2022

For many people, oral surgery is an outpatient procedure at their dental office. Depending on the kind of pain relief used during your oral surgery, you may be in a position to drive yourself home following the procedure. But just because your oral surgery does not require an overnight stay does not mean that you can skip your recovery period not unless it is a tooth replacement that you have to come back for another appointment

What to Do to Relax From Pain After Oral Surgery?

Some of the things to do to alleviate any pain symptoms or discomfort are:

  1. Take your meds as instructed

Take pain relievers as soon as instructed in the prescription, even if you do not feel any pain. Prevention is simpler than treatment. Ensure you follow the prescription by not skipping a dose, even if you must wake up at night to take your pain relievers. Visit or call your dentist at our cosmetic dentistry Mesa if the pain persists.

  1. Follow your post-oral surgery instructions given at dental offices near you

Follow all the instructions your dentist gave at Mesa, AZ, after the oral surgery, as your dentist knows how you can best recover from your oral surgery. The instructions may include how to handle pain, what to eat, what not to eat, when to take medications, and when to visit your dentist.

  1. Apply Ice to your face.

Applying an ice pack on the cheeks of the face where surgery has undergone helps relieve pain and reduce swelling. Your oral surgeon may suggest that you alternate this by 15 minutes in and 15 minutes off.

  1. Rest after your oral surgery

Resting after oral surgery can help relieve pain. Your body needs to recover. You can lie down, but keep your head propped with pillows to promote proper blood flow to your head and to reduce inflammation of your face and mouth. Propping your head will also reduce any excessive bleeding that may occur after the surgery

  1. Eat Soft Foods

Once you have stopped bleeding from oral surgery, you can start taking soft foods. Soft food will also lessen the pain causing hard foods to tend to put pressure on your teeth hence more pain. Ensure that you take liquid or soft foods for the first two days after the oral surgery. Soft foods may include yogurts, soups, and mashed potatoes.

What Not To Do After An Oral Surgery?

Some of the things that your dentist will advise you against doing include:

  1. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol for a day

Avoid smoking for at least the entire day after your oral surgery or for as long as possible. Or better yet, you can quit smoking to improve your general health. If you may need help with quitting smoking, ask your oral surgeon for any help.

Alcohol, on the other hand, can cause gum disease and oral infections. Avoiding alcohol intake for the first 24 hours after oral surgery can help speed up healing, as alcohol can interfere with healing. Ensure you do not drink alcohol when under any medication, as it may interfere with its effectiveness.

  1. Do not take hot foods and drinks

Do not take any hot foods and drinks until after you are no longer numb, ensuring that you do not inadvertently burn your mouth. In addition, there is no need to compound your pain while recovering from oral surgery with a burnt tongue or roof o your mouth.

  1. Do not brush or floss

Avoid brushing and flossing the surgical site till your dentist okays for you to do it. When you’re ready to floss these areas, ensure that you do them with n extra gentle care.

  1. Do not eat hard or crunchy foods

Avoid chewing crunchy or hard foods like carrots and popcorn in the area where the oral surgery took the first eight to ten weeks following the procedure.

  1. Do not do your own thing

Do not do anything your oral surgeon at Bella Via Dental has instructed you not to do. Instead, ensure that you follow all the given instructions to the latter.

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