Endodontist v Dentist? Know the Difference to Choose Wisely

Endodontist v Dentist? Know the Difference to Choose Wisely

Sep 01, 2019

Proper dental health is important to maintain your beaming smile. It also helps to build self-esteem. But due to diverse eating habits, your teeth might become prone to cavities and decay. It has become essential to look after the overall oral hygiene. Visiting a medical expert for regular checkups helps in keeping your oral health up-to-date. Under the umbrella of dentistry, one can either visit a dentist or an endodontist for dental treatments.

Most of the people consider that a dentist and endodontist have no difference as such. But, this is not true. There lies an underlining difference between the two of them. Bella Via Dental is a team comprising of the best endodontists in Mesa, AZ.

Who are Endodontists?

Endodontists are specialized dental professionals. They are dentists who have great knowledge and expertise in dental pain and dental nerves. They are also known for conducting advance ‘root canal’ procedures. Bella Via Dental is the best dental clinic for root canal treatment in Mesa, AZ. They provide technologically advanced dental treatment for people of all ages.

Difference between Endodontist and Dentist

Availing the dental treatment from an endodontist is not same as visiting a regular dentist. They share a certain level of similarity when it comes to treating patients but are different on various counts. The key differences between the two are evident in the following points:

    • Educational qualifications- Both the dentist and endodontist are graduates from a dental school. They both share the same educational degree in dentistry. But an endodontist is educationally more qualified in comparison to a dentist. The specialization of endodontist comes from additional education in advanced dentistry.

It takes a couple of years for an endodontist to complete his specialization after dental school. It is only after postgraduate training that a dentist is accredited as an endodontist.

    • Root Canal Specialist- The endodontists are specialist in root canal procedures. Their special knowledge about dental nerves and tissues makes them a dental expert. They have advanced equipments to carry out the procedure of root canal. The root canal therapy is carried out to protect the tooth pulp. The procedure involves the removal of the infected tooth pulp and replacing it with biocompatible materials. Then the hole is closed to avoid further infection.

Dentists only perform a very limited number of root canal procedures. Most of the time, after conducting a general diagnosis, they refer the patient to an endodontist. Bella Via Dental provides the most advanced root canal Therapy in Mesa, AZ.

    • Experience & Expertise- Your regular dentist performs several dental procedures to maintain your dental health. He specializes in providing general dental care facilities like teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. A dentist usually examines the teeth and gum for cavities and decay.

On the other hand, an endodontist primarily deals with more advanced procedures. They provide expert dental care for various diseases of the teeth and gum. They are also experienced in advance dental procedures like root canals and dental implants. Various endodontic surgeries are performed by them. Due to their vast knowledge, they are more experienced in technical dental procedures.

  • Technology- An endodontist uses technologically advance equipments to carry out various dental procedures. They are highly qualified in handling machines like 3d imaging and ultrasonic instruments. With the use of the best technology and medicines, endodontists provide holistic dental care. The access of a dentist is very limited in the context of this machinery.
  • Economical- Visiting a dentist is cheaper in comparison to an endodontist. But the treatment provided by an endodontist is worth the money. Fewer appointments are required in case you are visiting an endodontist for dental treatment. Thus, concerning time also endodontists are more economical.

Both a dentist and endodontist play a crucial role in protecting our teeth. They both are expert in general dentistry and have their importance. An individual dental problem should be considered while deciding whom to approach first. One can always visit a dentist for regular checkups. However, the services of an endodontist are required in cases of dental emergencies.

If you are looking for the best endodontist in Mesa, AZ, contact Bella Via Dental. Their expert provides the best dental root canal treatment in Mesa, AZ.

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