Effective Tips to Get the Most from AnInvisalign Treatment

Effective Tips to Get the Most from AnInvisalign Treatment

Jun 01, 2020

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that allows patients straighten their teeth but without the negative attention associated with metal wires and brackets. It is also popularly referred to as ‘invisible braces’ due to their discreet nature. Invisalign braces can easily be removed at home so that you can eat and brush your teeth without difficulty.

Invisalign braces consist of a custom-made aligner that is regularly interchanged every 2 weeks for a period of 6to8 months, or longer, to help rectify teeth misalignment. They are somehow similar to dental retainers, only that an Invisalign aligner is designed to help slowly move teeth into a certain position for a straighter smile. To prepare the aligners, a dentist will take a mold/impression of your teeth and then use a computer to make the aligners, for a unique and personalized fit.

Tips for Effective Invisalign Treatment

  • Commit to Wearing Them For At Least 22hours Daily

For Invisalign to work, you have to wear them at all times. Since it is necessary to remove them when eating or cleaning your teeth, our dentist advises that you have them on for at least 22 hours every day. So, try as much as possible to limit instances when you have them off as this will only increase the treatment period. Having them on as much as possible is especially important in the first 48hours. It has been observed that patients who wear their aligners for 20 hours or less in a day often record unsatisfactory results and their progress is also delayed.

  • Change the Aligners on Time

You will be getting a new set of Invisalign aligners every 2 weeks or as advised by your dentist. Invisalign treatment in Mesa involves regular modifications just like traditional braces. The aligner trays are to be worn in a pre-determined sequence to ensure your teeth move in the desired direction. At Bella Via Dental, we encourage you to follow the schedule given for optimum results.

  • Brush, Floss and Rinse Daily

Dental hygiene is vital part of a healthy life and wearing Invisalign aligners does not change this. If anything, you will need to pay extra attention to how you care for your teeth to avoid trapping bacteria in your aligners, which can result to decay and gum disease. Brush and floss after eating and before wearing your aligners. Rinsing with water will also help loosen any food particles so that you can easily brush or floss them out.

  • Properly Care for Your Aligners

Part of the orthodontic treatment in mesa for Invisalign involves being educated on how to care for your aligners. If you fail to properly care for your aligner, they can become discolored or even get damaged and this will hamper good results. Aligners also get dirty and part of caring for them involves cleaning. Do not use any harsh substances to clean Invisalign aligners, warm water and antibacterial soap are enough. You can also get cleansing products specially made for aligners, but never use toothpaste.

  • Allow Yourself Sometime to Get Used to Them

There is some adjusting to do before you can get used to wearing the aligner trays. Although invisible, you can still feel the aligners and the snug fit may be a little uncomfortable, before you get accustomed to wearing them. You may also experience a ’lisp’ sound when you speak but this is nothing to worry about as it gets better with time. So, do not be tempted to remove your aligners because of how it feels ins the first few days.

  • Use Your Retainers After Therapy

Once you complete the Invisalign treatment, it is necessary that you wear a set of retainers every night to help the teeth stay in their new position. Your dentist will let you know how long you need to use the retainer and thereafter you can enjoy your straight smile without feat of the teeth shifting once again.

Keep in mind that Invisalign treatment is not suitable for all types of teeth misalignment. It is therefore that you consult a reputable dentist to ensure it is worthwhile.

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