Does Cold Air Affect Tooth Extraction?

Does Cold Air Affect Tooth Extraction?

Feb 13, 2023

For the teeth that are crowding the mouth or causing other serious issues, the dentist recommends tooth pulling. But when the tooth socket gets exposed to food, cold air, and bacteria, it delays healing and causes pain. So for teenagers, summer is the perfect time to get the procedure. Usually, students have a summer break and parents are also free. Therefore, fixing an appointment during this time becomes simpler.

The orthodontist or dentist near you can help you determine the best timeline for the patient. The summer season also offers enough time for healing the surgical area. Scheduling surgery during this time prevents unnecessary dental pain and ensures speedy recovery. In addition to that, patients can also avail of end-of-the-year advantages.

Sufficient Recovery Time

Usually, it takes nearly two weeks to receive tooth extraction surgery. Patients may experience inflammation in the cheeks and mouth or other symptoms. But if you see any strange symptoms like excess bleeding from the mouth, severe pain, etc.

Call the oral surgeon or dentist at dental offices near you without delay. During the recovery, the dentist will tell them to consume soft beverages and foods. There are also other post-tooth extraction instructions. For example, avoiding harsh brushing for the first few weeks, keeping an extracted area clean, etc.

Quick Scheduling

During the summer season, young patients have a lot of days from work or school to heal comfortably. Therefore, the tooth-pulling procedure during summer is much easier.

Proper Pain Management

It is common to experience some discomfort after the tooth-pulling procedure. To manage it, the dentist typically advises prescription or OTC pain relievers. These medicines make the patient feel sleepy. So, during summer, patients have sufficient time to take them on time and rest properly.

Insurance Advantages

Dental insurance policies help individuals receive the dental treatment they require. Therefore, do not skip using your dental benefits before they expire. It will help you save money on the tooth-pulling procedure.

For example, if you or another family member has a flexible savings account, the insurance provider will give a certain sum for dental procedures. The money will typically expire and restart at the start of the year.

Tips for Fast Healing After Winter Tooth Pulling

Consider the following steps to ensure a fast recovery after the procedure:


  • Prefer only soft foods and liquids for 24 hours after the treatment like pudding, Jell-O, ice cream, etc.
  • Take enough sleep so that your body gets proper rest and heals quickly.
  • To manage bleeding in the extraction area, put gauze pads or tea bags.
  • Indulge in drinking a lot of liquids like broth, soups, etc. But strictly say no to straws.
  • Take medicines as prescribed at the suggested time.
  • Slowly add foods back into your diet as soon as you feel healed. These include mashed potatoes, juices, broth, pancakes, etc.


  • Avoid crunchy foods because they may get stuck in your extracted area. These include nuts, popcorn, etc.
  • Do not touch the sutures using your tongue because it can make the area bleed.
  • Refrain from drinking soda because its bubbles might disturb the blood clots and cause painful dry sockets.

When I Should Not Avoid Tooth Extraction?

Below are the reasons why it is not a good idea to wait to get your tooth pulled:

Cracked or Damaged Teeth

Cracks or damage on teeth creates a way for bacteria to enter. It may even puncture the lips, gums, or the inside of the mouth. This results in infection and difficulty while speaking, drinking, or eating.

Loss of Bone

In this case, it is essential to fix your extraction sooner than later. Loss of bone makes teeth misaligned and tough to swallow and chew food properly.

Infected Tooth

An abscessed tooth gets worse with time till you get your tooth removed. Sometimes, a dental infection can lead to condensing osteitis.

Wisdom Tooth

Impacted wisdom teeth can get trapped within the gums or jaw and cause a lot of pain. It also results in infection, chronic pain, jawbone damage, and tooth misalignment.

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If you fail to address tooth pain and infection timely, they turn into more severe problems. It significantly impacts your overall dental health. Also, there is no need to be concerned about the removal of wisdom teeth at Bella Via Dental because the professional handles pain with different sedation options. It makes the process comfortable for the patient. Also, he/she has no memory of the experience. Most patients that book our tooth-pulling treatment are basically young adults and teenagers.

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