Dentures vs Veneers: Which Is a Better Choice for Me?

Dentures vs Veneers: Which Is a Better Choice for Me?

Jun 01, 2022

Irrespective of how impeccable your oral hygiene is, there comes a time when you might need help maintaining your smile. Since accidents occur and diseases catch you off-guard, you might need a tooth replacement or any other form of restorative treatment our dentist in Mesa, AZ, offers.

With today’s technology, fixing different dental issues is not a headache. You come to our office, and our dentist will not lack a solution for your problem. But the tricky part is when you have to pick the right option for your case. Will you go for dentures in Mesa or veneers? How much does each procedure cost? Will it work? These are just some questions that might play in your mind.

So, let’s view the two options, dentures and veneers, to understand more about them to make a better decision.

About Dentures

Dentures in Mesa have been used for over a century. But, you can bet that the ones we have today are far better than their predecessors. Once you place them in your mouth, they will give you an unbelievably beautiful smile. Dentures are dental prosthetics that are designed to replace missing teeth.

They have two main components, artificial teeth and gums. The teeth are made from high-quality acrylic resin, but they are not as sturdy as your natural teeth. The artificial teeth are attached to the gums. The gums are also made from acrylic resin, and they also resemble natural gums. The artificial sit perfectly on your gums, and once they are in place, no one will know that you have missing teeth.

You will encounter the following types of dentures:

  • Conventional or traditional dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. You will give your gums time to heal after a tooth extraction before fitting the dentures. It’s the perfect option if you wish to replace all of your teeth
  • Immediate dentures are similar to traditional dentures, with the main difference being that they are fitted the same day you have your tooth extraction
  • Overdentures are the perfect solution for someone seeking to replace a few teeth. These dentures are a great option since they fit over the remaining teeth and aid in the preservation of your jawbone

You can choose to go for removable dentures or fixed dentures.

About Veneers

On the other hand, veneers are not used to replace missing teeth but to enhance the appearance and function of damaged teeth. Veneers have been around since the early 1920s but have evolved so much. They are super-thin tooth-colored shells that our dentist bonds to the surface of damaged teeth.

Veneers do an amazing job when it comes to concealing minor dental flaws. They also have impeccable aesthetics since most of them are made using porcelain. But sometimes, they are made from composite resin.

The only downside with veneers is that the procedure cannot be reversed. Our dentist in Mesa, AZ, has to prep your teeth by removing some of the enamel to create adequate space for the veneers. The problem is that your enamel cannot grow back.

How Can Dentures Help You?

Dentures are among the top tooth replacements we offer. If you have gum disease (periodontitis), tooth decay, or even trauma that will warrant the removal of your teeth, dentures will help revive your smile. You will speak, eat, and laugh as though you never lost your teeth.

Your oral health is also in jeopardy when you miss teeth since the jawbone will start to deteriorate, your facial muscles will sag, and you will find it challenging to maintain proper oral hygiene.

How Can Veneers Help You?

Even though veneers can aid in strengthening weak or damaged teeth, their primary function is to enhance your dental aesthetics. That’s why our dentist offers this service under cosmetic dentistry.

Veneers are used if you have:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Broken, chipped, or worn teeth
  • Irregular or uneven teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth

What Are Your Dental Goals?

Veneers and dentures are excellent treatments that can solve various dental issues. But what’s clear is that they are very different treatments offering different solutions. So, if your issue is damaged or missing teeth, dentures are the go-to option, while veneers are best for improving the appearance of your teeth.

If you need to know more, contact us at Bella Via Dental, and we would love to help you.

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