Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete and Partial Dentures

Mar 01, 2020

Dentures are replacements for teeth that are missing and also surrounding tissues. Dentures can either be complete or partial.

Complete dentures

These are used in the case where you are missing all your teeth. They can be immediate or conventional.

  • Conventional dentures – they are made after the extraction of the teeth, and the healing process of your gum tissue is starting. Your dentist will place the denture in your mouth at least 8 weeks after the removal of the teeth.
  • Immediate dentures – these are designed in advance. They are positioned in your mouth soon after your teeth removal during the period of healing. Sadly, over time, gums and bones will shrink, particularly during that healing period.

This poses a great disadvantage since more adjustments will be required for them to fit when you are still healing. They are therefore considered as just temporary solutions until your Bella Via Dental dentists makes your conventional dentists in Mesa.

Partial dentures

They are used in circumstances where natural teeth remain. A partial denture constitutes replacement teeth that are attached to a plastic base that is gum-colored or pink, which sometimes is fastened using a metal framework used to anchor the denture in position.

The front teeth variants are used in cases where a tooth or more are left remaining in the lower or upper jaw. Your dentist uses a fixed bridge to replace the teeth by putting crowns on them and placing artificial teeth unto them. The dentist will then cement the bridge in space.

Apart from filling the spaces that the missing teeth left, these dentures make it impossible for the other teeth to change position. Rather than having clasps attaching to adjacent crowns, precision partial dentures have internal attachments and are removable too. This appliance has a natural-looking feel.

Denture alternatives

Aside from dentures, you can use dental implants to offer support to cemented bridges. You may incur higher costs, but it will be worth it because the bridges and implants resemble real teeth. You can also use the implants to offer support to the dentures, making them more stable.

Insurance cover for dentures

Most insurers in dental health cover some, if not all, of the dentures cost. You should consult with your insurance provider to inquire about their terms and conditions.

Making of dentures

The process of developing dentures will take some weeks and a lot of appointments. Once the dentist establishes the most suitable appliance for you, the usual steps are:

  • Making jaw impressions and taking measurements of your jaw relation to each other and also the space that lies between them.
  • Creating models, plastic patterns, or wax forms in the shape and denture position. The model will be fitted, and your dentist will assess the shape, fit, and color of the denture prior to the casting of the final fit.
  • Casting of the final denture.
  • Making necessary adjustments.

The feel of dentures

For the following few weeks, dentures will feel loose or odd until your cheek muscles, and the tongue adjusts to keep them in position. It is also normal for soreness or minor irritations to occur and even to experience increased saliva flow when you are new to wearing them. These problems will diminish as time goes by.

How different will you look?

Dentures are designed in such a way that they look similar to natural teeth. Therefore, the changes in appearance will be barely noticeable. Instead, they will brighten your smile besides filling out your facial appearances.

Eating with your new dentures

This will need some practice. You will be able to adjust by starting to eat soft foods. Chew the food slowly using all the sides of the mouth. As time goes by, add harder foods until you get back to your regular diet.

If you and your kin are looking for a dentures dentist in Mesa, AZ, Bella Via Dental got you covered. At Bella Via Dental, we offer you the best dental care in a comfortable environment. We strive to give our premium services to each patient every day. Contact us and book your appointment today for the best dental services that will be to your satisfaction.

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