Can You Get a Tooth Pulled When Eight Months Pregnant?

Can You Get a Tooth Pulled When Eight Months Pregnant?

Jan 01, 2023

No one likes dental visits but ending up in the dentist’s chair when pregnant presents a unique challenge. Your back hurts, your gums might be extra sensitive, and every toothpaste flavor might make you uneasy.

However, pregnancy is not an excuse to skip six monthly dental cleanings. Maintaining your dental hygiene in excellent condition is essential because not doing so can result in severe problems later.

Although it is safe to receive dental cleanings, what about other procedures like getting a tooth pulled when eight months pregnant? Besides worrying about the extraction, you must also remember the anesthesia, x-rays, and pain medications you might need after undergoing tooth extraction near you from the dentist nearby.

Can you have a tooth extracted during pregnancy? Undoubtedly but there are a few caveats. Here is the information you need to have.

Why Is Regular Dental Care Essential during Pregnancy?

Six monthly dental cleanings are essential for everyone, but during pregnancy, when you are at a higher risk of issues like cavities and gingivitis, your changing hormone levels make you susceptible to swelling and inflammation in the gums. In addition, morning sickness introduces abnormal bacteria in your mouth, making it unpleasant to brush and floss daily because of the gag reflex. These are minor issues but assume severe proportions if you don’t treat them promptly by visiting the dentist near you.

As your pregnancy lasts for nine months, making you busy dealing with the newborn to see your dentist after childbirth, you might refrain from receiving essential treatment or avoid the dentist because of your pregnancy. At the same time, you might give cavity-causing bacteria to your baby when you neglect to receive crucial dental care.

Why Are Significant Dental Procedures Postponed until after Delivery?

Let’s be honest. Many healthcare providers without experience in OB/GYN are anxious about treating pregnant patients. They are fearful they might put you and your baby at risk. Having said that, you must understand dental procedures, if not needed or better put off until childbirth, including elective treatments.

Why Are Tooth Extractions Better Not Postponed?

Occasionally they are some risks when having medical procedures during pregnancy. However, the benefits of the methods outweigh the risks making it advantageous to have the process.

What happens in your mouth doesn’t remain there because poor oral health can affect your entire body. In addition, an untreated infection in your mouth can make you severely ill. Therefore, you should always prefer tooth extraction in Mesa during pregnancy; if you are in severe pain affecting your quality of life, the risk of infection is present, besides the risk of permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

Is Tooth Extraction Safe during Pregnancy?

The answer to the question is yes because most dental procedures are safe during pregnancy, with the exception of teeth whitening. Tooth extractions include wisdom tooth removal, although most dentists prefer postponing this procedure out of caution if the wisdom teeth are not problematic. However, if the wisdom teeth or your other teeth are causing problems, you can have them removed during pregnancy.

Optimal Time for Tooth Extraction during Pregnancy

The Mesa dentist suggests the second trimester as optimal for nonemergency dental therapies. The first trimester is generally tricky for safety reasons, although fetal development isn’t occurring at that time. Unfortunately, it becomes uncomfortable to lie on your back for extended periods during the third trimester. However, your pregnancy trimester doesn’t matter if you have a dental emergency because you must get it handled promptly.

What Risks Are Associated with Tooth Extractions during Pregnancy?

Risks are associated with every medical procedure, whether pregnant or not. However, the stakes are not really higher during pregnancy. For example, the chances of surgery, x-rays, and anesthesia are lower in dental emergencies than those associated with leaving a severe problem untreated.


Getting a tooth pulled during pregnancy might not seem the most comfortable therapy. Thankfully it is technically safe besides everything accompanying it, including x-rays and some types of anesthesia. Therefore, you can postpone non-essential dental procedures until after childbirth. However, if the treatment cannot wait, you must receive it with the assurance that your baby will be better off. You can chat with your OB/GYN or midwife if you have concerns about getting a tooth pulled during pregnancy.

Bella Via Dental treats many pregnant women arriving at their practice for essential treatments to manage dental infections or requesting non-essential treatments. Although the practice refuses to provide elective treatments, they happily offer necessary therapies to protect the patient’s dental and overall health. Kindly consult this practice if you need a tooth pulled during the eighth month of pregnancy.

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