Are Dental Implants Safe for Diabetics?

Are Dental Implants Safe for Diabetics?

Mar 01, 2022

Dental implant treatment is the new introduction to cosmetic and restorative dentistry for tooth replacement. Gone are the days when getting a tooth replaced would affect the adjacent teeth. Unlike dentures and dental bridges, dental implants are placed directly in the jawbones without assistance from the neighboring teeth.

Dental offices near you offer dental implant treatments, and people with diabetes can also get dental implants. Although choric health issues can create additional risks in dental implant procedures, and diabetic patients can take a little longer to heal.

Understanding Dental Implant Treatment

Despite immense improvement in dental care, millions suffer from tooth loss due to trauma or dental decay. Periodontal diseases are another significant reason for teeth loss. For many years, the only treatment for a lost tooth was dentures or dental bridges, but the latest improvement in dentistry has provided the viable solution of dental implant treatment.

Dental implants are the replacement of natural teeth without affecting the adjacent ones. Dental implants provide a solid foundation for removable or permanent false teeth and give you a set of teeth resembling natural ones.

Dental implants can be the correct option for you if you:

  • Have lost one or multiple teeth
  • Have a fully developed jawbone
  • Have a healthy oral cavity
  • Want to improve your speech
  • Do not chew or smoke tobacco

The dental implant procedure is an elaborate one involving several steps and involving specialists from different fields. The first step involves a comprehensive oral examination to assess the state of your oral cavity; the dentist might use x-rays and take 3D images of the mouth to ensure that the oral cavity can support the implant.

Your past medical history is also accounted for. The medication you undertake, including supplements and prescribed medicines, is also checked to nullify chances of complications or infection. The dentist in Mesa, AZ, would provide a customized plan to get your dental implant.

Bone grafting is implemented if your jawbones are not fully developed or soft enough to house the dental implants. A bone graft can provide a more solid base to support the implant. The most viable option is to graft bones from other body parts, preferably from the jaws. Other options include using bone substitutes as synthetic bone grafts to house the implant.

Once the jaws are prepared to hold the implant, the dentist surgically places the dental implant on the jaws. The dentist may drill the jawbones to remove the remains of the lost tooth before placing the metal post, mostly made from titanium, on the jawbones.

The jawbones grow and develop around the jawbones, and the titanium posts also fuse with the jawbones in due time. Once the metal roots are placed on the jaws, the abutment or the connector to attach the crown is placed on the metal post.

The final step involves placing the crown on the abutment. You may choose either a fixed or removable crown to be placed on the abutment. The crowns are made from porcelain or composite resin that resembles natural teeth.

How Does Diabetes Affect My Ability to Get Dental Implants?

Diabetes is one of the most unpleasant lifestyle conditions in the modern age. Apart from the plethora of problems, diabetes reduces the healing process. A dental implant is an invasive process and might take days to heal.

Diabetes affects the whole body and can disrupt body functions. People might find it challenging to replace missing teeth. People suffering from diabetes have uncontrolled high blood sugar levels, making the healing process slow.

Dental implant procedure has high success rates, and the success rate diminishes with people suffering from diabetes. But if you have the blood sugar level in control, dental implants are safe. A dental implant can heal quickly, even with patients who have diabetes, if you can follow specific diet plans. Maintaining and monitoring the blood sugar level can make dental implant procedures safe.

It is better to consult your dentist before undergoing a dental implant procedure. If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Mesa, Bella Via Dental can be your destination. We have a set of knowledgeable staff and family-friendly dentists with modern facilities to provide you with the best available treatment. You may book an appointment online too.

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