5 Things Not to Do After Whitening Your Teeth

5 Things Not to Do After Whitening Your Teeth

Oct 05, 2022

Teeth whitening is a procedure that removes stains on teeth giving you a smile makeover. Although your smile looks brighter and stain-free after whitening, it will not remain that way forever. The cosmetic dentist in Mesa, AZ, recommends some routines to maintain your new smile. Continue reading to find out what not to do after teeth whitening.

What Not to Do After Whitening Your Teeth

The teeth whitening process involves opening each tooth’s pores to remove the stains. Your teeth’s enamel regenerates after 24 hours. Therefore, your teeth need special care to avoid re-staining and tooth sensitivity. Below are four things not to do after a whitening smile makeover.

  1. Do not take foods and drinks that can re-stain your teeth

Teeth are extremely vulnerable to staining in the first 24 hours after whitening. Therefore, you should avoid consuming things that can negate the effects of the bleaching process. For example, avoid drinking coffee, fruit juices, red wine, chocolate, beer, and tea. Instead, you can take milk, yogurt, or white wine. If you cannot avoid colored drinks, use a straw to take them.

Steer clear of heavily pigmented foods such as soy sauce, cured meats, curries and ketchup. Instead, consume foods that are white or light colored. They include pasta, rice, fish, cauliflower, potatoes, tofu, oatmeal, cottage cheese and bread. If you eat anything dark-colored, rinse or brush your mouth afterwards.

  1. Do not neglect your oral hygiene.

To avoid discoloration, you should not neglect your oral hygiene after teeth whitening. Instead, brush for two minutes in the morning and evening and floss daily. Use toothpaste but avoid a colored brand as it may stain your pearly whites. Brush or rinse your mouth after meals. If you cannot, chew sugarless gum 20 minutes after.

  1. Do not take foods or beverages that damage the enamel

Taking acid-based drinks or foods leads to enamel erosion. The acids corrode your enamel, causing it to become weaker and more prone to decay. They may also lead to gum irritation. Therefore, you should avoid drinks such as sodas, citrus fruits, juice, and pickles. Also, avoid sugary things as they increase oral acids and the risk of decay.

Acids can still form in the mouth even if you avoid taking acid-based things. So, consider taking vegetables that help neutralize the acids in your mouth. Examples are celery and green beans. In addition, take dairy products which contain calcium to help strengthen your teeth.

  1. Do not use things that trigger tooth sensitivity

Since the enamel pores are open, your teeth will be sensitive for the next 24 hours. During this period, avoid things extremely hot or cold foods and beverages. This is because the heat or cold affects the tooth nerves resulting in sensitivity.

You may use a brand of anti-sensitivity toothpaste to reduce the sensation. However, if it persists, consult the experts at the dental office about medications to alleviate the discomfort. They may also recommend fluoride treatments to promote enamel remineralization.

  1. Do not use tobacco products

The nicotine in tobacco products easily stains teeth. It replaces the bright color with a brownish-yellow. Therefore, you should avoid all products that contain tobacco. This includes traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and nicotine patches. These products can still discolor your teeth after the first 24 hours. Therefore, seek the doctors’ help about quitting using them altogether.

Can We Use Mouthwash After Teeth Whitening?

After whitening at the dental offices near you, the experts will instruct you to avoid using mouthwash for a while. This is because most mouthwashes are colored. They also contain an ingredient called chlorhexidine that temporary stains teeth. Their low PH concentration also leads to demineralization. This results in enamel erosion and increased tooth sensitivity.

In addition, mouthwash contains alcohol which causes burns in the periodontal tissues. Therefore avoid mouthwashes after teeth whitening to prevent gum irritation. To avoid these effects, you can resume using mouthwash 48 hours after the whitening procedure.

Are you interested in professional teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist in Mesa, AZ? Then contact our dental experts at Bella Via Dental. We provide various methods and techniques to give you a bright white smile. The team also offers touch-ups for a longer-lasting white smile.

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