3 Reasons Why We Might Extract a Tooth

3 Reasons Why We Might Extract a Tooth

Jul 16, 2019

Tooth extraction is done at Bella Via Dental by such patients whose face problems such as tooth decay, gum diseases or excessive bleeding of gums, excessive plaque, etc. Tooth extraction is a painful technique which is generally not suggested by the dentists if there is any other option available. It is highly recommended to exhaust every other possible option before undergoing the process. However, under certain circumstances, no other technique works, and extraction is the only available option before dentists. Some of the instances under which extraction is practised are:

  • A tooth is damaged beyond repair and such damage cannot be cured by any other technique such as Root canal Treatment, restoration, filing or any other possible technique. Under such circumstances, extraction is practised by the dentists to protect the teeth and gums.
  • You have missing teeth, and we’ve decided that full dentures are the best solution- In order to ensure the future safety of the remaining teeth, some of them are extracted for their long-term health and to make way for full denture of the teeth when there is no other option left.
  • A wisdom tooth threatens the position of adjacent teeth- In a situation when the wisdom tooth of a person is not positioned or fixed appropriately, it needs to be extracted by the dentist in order to ensure the longevity of its adjacent tooth which is at a threatened position due to the improper positioning of the wisdom tooth. Between the age of 18-24 it is best to remove tooth. They can, however, be removed at any particular age.

End of the painful and scary extractions!

It is a well-known fact now that extraction is a painful process and it should be the last option available before the dentists. However, these days even the tooth extraction has been made less painful, it is no longer a scary process and tooth extraction is extremely easy these days. Total care and comfort is provided to the patients such as in Bella Via Dental in Mesa which offers nitrous oxide or oral sedation to make the patients less anxious.

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